Pioneers in Plasma Surgery & Medicine - Over 80,000 Procedures & Counting

Mission Statement

USMI: The Future of Surgery

USMI is dedicated to innovation in the fields of electrosurgery and plasma technology for the advancement of patient outcomes, the eradication of cancer and the improvement of human lives. Our Core Values of Innovation, Diversity, and Community are key to our pursuit of this mission and to our ongoing success.

Core Values

INNOVATION: Leveraging the insights of our CEO and Co-Founder, in his capacity as both a transplant surgeon and inventor, we constantly look to the needs of our patients and doctors to understand the areas of greatest urgency for the development of new medical tools. This understanding drives the development of our pipeline of surgical devices as we seek to push the boundary of new technologies in the fields of electrosurgery, plasma surgery, and minimally invasive surgical and endoscopic procedures. For this reason, a large portion of our operation is dedicated to research and development of new patents and products. Through our sister company, Plasma Medicine Life Science, we are working to develop our ground-breaking Helios™ Cold Plasma product line for the eradication of cancer.

DIVERSITY: USMI is the first major US biomedical devices company to be majority owned and operated by women. We believe that our diverse cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, as well as our commitment to diversity of thought, are keys to our ability to successfully provide market-leading technologies and cutting edge resources for both the public and the medical community. As part of this effort, we welcome your suggestions, inquiries and feedback on any aspect of our work as we continually strive for excellence.

COMMUNITY: Our dedication to improving the health and lives of our patients extends to our deep commitment to the well-being of the individuals we touch and the communities in which we live and work. In recognition of our commitment to social responsibility, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint through the redesign of our devices and packaging to offer green and environmentally friendly products. Finally, USMI operates youth programs for mentoring and internships with our organization, and we are proud of the numerous philanthropic activities of our management team and individual staff members.