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Introducing GIMSS™ OS – “Graphical Integrated Management Surgical System” Operating System

The first smart OS for an electrosurgical generator

If an electrosurgical generator had a computer today, what components would it include?

The invention would include plasma technology, electrosurgical generator, computer, operating system, smart technology, apps, touchscreen, and a keyboard. This is the Canady Plasma® XL 1000 Smart Electrosurgical Generator with GIMSS™ OS..
What is an Electrosurgical Generaor (ESG)?
A device used to cut and coagulate tissues during surgery, using alternating current that changes direction at specific frequencies. An ESG is an alternative to other cutting tools, such as surgical blades or lasers.
What is a Computer?
A computer is a machine or device that performs, processes calculations and operations based on instructions provided by a software program. It is designed to perform application and provides a variety of solutions by combining integrated software and hardware components
What is an Operating System?
An operating system (OS) is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer. The other programs are called applications or apps.
Examples of existing operating systems include:
Apple —— Mac OS and iOS
Microsoft —— Windows
Google —— Android and Chrome
Canady Life Sciences —— GIMSS OS’
What is Smart Technology?
SMART = “Self – Monitoring – Analysis – Reporting – Technology”
What are Apps
App is a modern term for software application. An application is a software program that is design to perform a specific function directly for the end-user. Examples of applications include word processors, database programs, Web browsers, development tools, drawing, paint, image editing programs, and communication programs. Applications use the services of the computer's operating system and other supporting applications.
What is a Touchscreen?
A touchscreen is an input and output device normally layered on the top of an electronic visual display of an information processing system. It is a display device that allows a user to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen.
What are Keyboards?
A panel of buttons used for typing and performing other functions on a computer.


Smart Apps

The GIMMS™ OS features 16 Surgical Apps and the ability to create, store and access system pre-sets.

Intelligent S.M.A.R.T.
Integrated Safety Features


Features Include:

  • Single Unit Integrating High-Frequency Electrosurgical Energy With Plasma Technology
    • Canady Hybrid Plasma™
    • Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Pulse Cut
    • Argon Plasma Coagulation
    • Standard Monopolar And Bipolar Functions
  • High Definition Touchscreen With Wide-View Angle and 12.1” Surface Display
  • GIMSS™ (Graphical Interface Management Surgical System) Smart Operating System
  • TISC System (Tissue Impedence Sensitive Control) provides Dynamic Power For All Types Of Tissue
  • Customized Surgical Apps with Memory Storage Capacity For Up To 1000 Surgeon Preference Profiles
  • Smart PPM System – Automatically Monitors Contact Resistance Between Patient and Plate
  • Sentinel Power Surge Protection
  • Interactive Support System and Online Guided Tutorial
  • Auto Stop Function
  • Power Level Adjustment Through Touch Screen
  • Adjustable Argon Flow between 0-6 liters per minute
  • Precise Flow Control
  • Power Activation through Foot Pedal and Scalpels