Pioneers in Plasma Surgery & Medicine - Over 80,000 Procedures & Counting
Dr. Jerome Canady was the first to invent a flexible endoscopic application for Argon Plasma Coagulation.
US Patent Innovations and US Medical Innovations was founded by Dr. Canady in 2009.
FDA Approval was awarded to USMI for its Hybrid Plasma Scalpel, Plasma Generators and Endoscopes.
USMI Begins production of its Hybrid Plasma Scalpel, Plasma Generators and Endoscopes.
USMI announces agreements with George Washington University and Chesapeake Surgical.
US Medical Innovations introduces the Canady Hybrid Plasma Scalpel.
Cold Plasma used in first clinical surgical procedure performed to selectively kill Cancer Tumor Cells.
US Medical Innovations announces new robotic assisted surgical system.
USMI’s Canady Hybrid Plasma Technology granted patent in Japan and China.
USMI develops new Electrosurgical Generator (ESG), Robotic Surgical System and Hybrid Plasma Scalpel accessories
USMI develops Cold Plasma products used in first liver resection performed to selectively target cancer cells
New Plasma-based cancer therapy program agreement with George Washington University
US Patent Office (USPO) and European Patent Office (EPO) award USMI patents for Cold Plasma used for the treatment of Cancer
US Patent Office (USPO) to grant patent to USMI for using Cold Plasma for the Selective Ablation of Cancer Cells
Acquisition of French robotic company, Endocontrol (May 31, 2019)
Canady Plasma XL-1000 Smart Electrosurgical Generator - FDA Cleared